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At Least Nine Christians Murdered in Kenya Attack

12/09/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern has learned that on December 6, 2019, 11 non-local Christian passengers were attacked while travelling to Mandera from Nairobi and killed at Kotulo in northeastern Kenya. They were reportedly separated from their Muslim

Christians in Asia facing ‘perfect storm,’ new report says

A few days after *Thuan and his wife *Hien became Christians, local authorities in their village in north Vietnam warned them they must return to tribal ancestor worship, or be kicked out of the village. When Thuan and Hien refused,

Hezbollah Attacks in Lebanon

11/27/2019 Lebanon (International Christian Concern) – Protests in Lebanon have continued to gain momentum since they erupted last month. Protesters are demanding a complete government overhaul, and have largely been met with a stalemated government. In response to the gathering momentum

Christian Evangelist Murdered in Southeast Turkey

11/20/19 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on November 19, 2019, Korean evangelist Jinwook Kim was stabbed on the streets in the southeastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir. He later died in the hospital from

Suicide Bomber Attacks Indonesia’s Medan

11/14/2019 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – A suspected suicide bombing took place outside of police headquarters in Medan, Indonesia on November 13, injuring six people. Without a clear motive, the recent attack has been linked to the rise of homegrown militants

European Court Stops Deportation of Afghan Christian

11/12/2019 Afghanistan (International Christian Concern) – The European Court of Human Rights has stopped the deportation of an Afghan Christian convert from Switzerland. According to the court’s ruling, the Christian would have faced serious danger if forced to return to Afghanistan.

Petition to Close Churches in SE Turkey

11/06/2019 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – According to local Turkish News, an unnamed person from the Sur district of the southeastern Turkish city of Diyarbakir filed a petition to the National Assembly claiming that “protestant churches and associations were carrying out missionary

5 years ago, she was a ‘fanatic’ Muslim—now she follows Jesus

In a room in a secret location, somewhere in the Middle East, 12 young Christians sit in front of a whiteboard in a trauma care session led by an Open Doors’ counselor. Farideh* is one of these 12 young leaders.

Rejected by Family, Harassed by Community, Accepted by Christ

10/23/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – For many in the West, following Christ was an easy decision. One made while young and often with the support of family. For many in other areas of the world, this is not only a difficult

Indonesian Christian Woman with Schizophrenia Tried for Blasphemy Law

Woman with Shoes on Brought Dog into Mosque 10/16/2019 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Christian woman in Indonesia’s Bogor will be tried for blasphemy law, despite having a serious mental illness. She

Iranian Pastor Ends Strike Over Christian Educational Rights

10/17/2019 Iran (International Christian Concern) – Youcef Nadarkhani, an imprisoned Iranian pastor, ended his three-week hunger strike in Evin Prison, where is serving a 10-year sentence. The strike came in response to the Iranian regime’s decision to uphold their ruling that

‘It was a horrifying scene’: On the ground with Christians in northern Syria

Last Tuesday, the heart of Qamishli, a city in northern Syria, was beating with life. Kids were in school, men and women were at work, shops were open, taxis were driving. Then the bombs started falling. Explosions ended the peace in

Muslim Family Kills Son Over Christian Conversion

10/09/2019 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – A Muslim-background believer (MBB) living in Egypt, Hussein Mohammed, was killed on Sunday after his family discovered that he had converted from Islam to Christianity. The MBB, who preferred to be called by his baptismal

‘It’s our right to have Sunday service’—police halt church worship in Indonesia

Please wait until the service is done, then we can discuss.” On Sunday, August 7, during one of their regular church services (pictured above), congregation members in the Indonesian city of Riau watched in confusion as government officers interrupted their

Christian Girls’ School Falsely Accused of Discrimination Against Muslims

10/03/2019 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) – Last Friday, a 42-year-old political activist lodged a report at the Dato Keramat police station claiming that the Methodist Girls’ School (MGS) in Penang had recited Christian prayers before the national anthem was sung. The

School Starts in Turkey, Genocide Implications Linger

09/22/2019 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – As the Turkish school year starts, a new media report indicates that there are less than 300 Greek students attending the 7 remaining orthodox schools left in the country. This is a tragic reminder of

5 reasons people persecute Christians

“Daddy, why do people throw stones at us?” Hassan* asks his father. He’s is a five-year-old boy in North Africa. “Why don’t the people like us, what have we done wrong?” Hassan’s father took him home after the pair were

Christian Family Claims Their Relative Was Tortured to Death by Police in Pakistan

09/10/2019 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – According to Morning Star News, police in Lahore, Pakistan have tortured a 28-year-old Christian man to death. Amir Masih’s family claims he was illegally detained by police on August 28, tortured for four days, and

Hate Speech Wins in Iraq

09/05/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Iraq’s Christians have learned the importance of caring about words. In a country torn by decades of violence, a few brief words can quickly differentiate friend from foe. The words of religious authorities carry even more

Pastor in Southern Philippines Fears For Safety Over Red-tagging

09/04/2019 Philippines (International Christian Concern) – After posters and flyers were distributed last week branding him as a communist rebel, a pastor in southern Philippines has voiced concern over his safety. Father Rolando Abejo of the Philippine Independent Church was depicted

Bible Translator Killed in Northern Cameroon Conflict

08/29/2019 Cameroon (International Christian Concern) – Northern Cameroon has become a hotbed for political and military violence. In 2016, the English speaking parts of Cameroon declared that they wanted to become a new nation known as Ambazonia. Due to this conflict between

Malaysia Arrested 519 People As of July for Terrorism

08/26/2019 Malaysia (International Christian Concern) – The Malaysian police have arrested 519 people suspected of having been involved in terrorism as of July, according to Home Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Without giving a breakdown of the numbers, he said that they comprise

Egyptian Christians Held to a Higher Standard

08/22/2019 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Social media is often present during the best of times — and the worst of times. In Egypt, where only 40% of its nearly 100 million population have access to social media, the situation is flammable.

Indonesian Muslim Scholar Calls the Cross “an Element of the Devil”

08/20/2019 Indonesia (International Christian Concern) – A Muslim preacher in Indonesia, has sparked religious controversy since a video of him calling the Christian cross “an element of the devil” during a sermon went viral on social media. The insulting remarks made
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