Iranian Christians Targeted

Over the Christmas period, the church in Iran was specifically targeted, with a number of Christians being arrested on Christmas day. The following day, the house of an Iranian Pastor was raided, resulting in the confiscation of Bibles, mobile phones and identity papers of all who were attending Christmas celebrations there. The pastor himself was arrested and jailed in Tehran.

Iranian Christians have specifically asked for prayer for the following:

  • That those arrested will know God’s presence, comfort and support and that God will guide and protect them when they are interrogated.
  • That Christians will not live in fear as a result of the intimidation, but rather that their faith will be strengthened and will be a clear witness to those around them.
  • That all prisoners in Iran will be treated with respect and dignity and those in prison because of their faith in Jesus will be released quickly.
  • That all officials will come to learn about Jesus and choose to follow Him, and to love mercy and act justly towards others.

source: Middle East Concern

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