Trust lost between Iraqi Christians and Muslims.

In Iraq, a country where ethnic and religious diversity have generally been tolerated in the past, the attacks by the militant group ISIL have all but destroyed that toleration, along with any trust between Christians and Muslims.

According to an Iraqi priest who is involved in helping Iraqi Christian refugees now living in Iraqi Kurdistan, many Iraqi Christians no longer believe that they can live with Muslims, and it is clear that “there is no more trust.”

“Christians are suffering a lot,” the Antonian priest said. “They live in abandoned, crumbling houses. Food is sometimes in short supply. There is no money to provide for everyday basic needs. The crisis is here to stay and will not be solved in a few weeks.”

The Church in Iraqi Kurdistan, is helping scores of displaced families, often amid great difficulties. “Without the Church, these Christians would be lost. Instead, they received crucial help.” However, he adds that “the lack of job prospects, the opportunity to educate their children breed resentment and mistrust.”

This Iraq Priest has a dim vies of the future: “Iraq’s future is one of conflict and increasingly sharp divisions. This will likely lead to the country’s dismemberment unless a strong government emerges with a strong military presence that can control the territory.”

  • Pray for Christians in Iraq, many of whom have lost everything because of ISIL. Pray the they will not lose¬† hope, nor their faith in God.
  • Pray for the church in Iraqi Kurdistan as it reaches out to help and comfort the refugees.
  • Pray for Iraq, for peace, hope and reconciliation and forgiveness between Christians and Muslims.
  • Pray for the Iraqi government to be strong and to see how they can protect Iraqi Christians.
  • Pray for the leaders of ISIL to come to know the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to be turned around from violence and hatred.




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