228 Iranians baptised

228 Iranians, 17 Afghans and 1 Pakistani were baptized on April 17, 2013. The scene was an ordinary swimming pool in a country neighboring Iran. This was probably  the larger baptism service on record in the Iranian Church since the fourth century. And never before had this many Iranians from a Muslim background been through the waters of baptism at one time.

Every one of the men and women had a moving story of how Jesus Christ comes to all who cry out to him. Story after story showed how the glorious gospel is at work among Iranians. The testimonies were powerful, and for non-believers this one historic hour will not be forgotten but rather will continue to bear fruit as those baptized tell other Iranians about Jesus.

Why are Iranians coming to Christ? There are trained leaders parching Christ; a hunger for the Bible; Christian satellite TV reaching into homes; and dreams of Jesus.

Pray for each one who was baptized; for the growing church; for leaders; and for those who have witnessed this extraordinary event but still do not know Jesus.

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