Christian Migrants Targeted in Libya

According to a report by Amnesty International, migrants and refugees in Libya are increasingly facing widespread abuse and persecution on religious grounds.

Since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been engulfed by conflicts between various coalitions of armed groups.

Christian migrants and refugees from Nigeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Egypt are being particularly targeted. They are subjected to abductions, torture, theft and physical assaults by criminal gangs and people smugglers, in addition to abuses by armed groups such as ISIL.

A 30-year-old Nigerian man, whom Amnesty International identified as Charles, recounted how he was abducted and physically assaulted a number of times by members of a criminal gang in the coastal city of Zuwara.

“In Zuwara, sometimes young men would come to our house to steal our money,” he says. “They would come with guns. As a black man, I cannot go to complain to the police. I went to complain at the police station twice, but they did not believe me. I am a Christian and that’s why the men would always come to our house and attack us … Even in the streets, armed men would ask me if I am a Christian.”

Another Nigerian migrant who also fled Tripoli, but whom Amnesty International did not identify, spoke about the religiously motivated harassment and discrimination he faced in Zuwara.

“Libya is full of cruelty. It is not hospitable to foreigners, especially to black men. They see us as slaves,” the man is quoted in the report as saying.

“Libya is a country where Christians shouldn’t come. Any Libyan boss will ask you if you are Muslim or Christian. If you say you are Christian, then you are in trouble. He will not pay you. He will beat you more if you complain about anything.”

  • Pray for Christians in Libya, and Christian refugees and migrants in that country, for protection and freedom to worship.
  • Pray for Libya, for an end to the lawlessness that is leading to an increase in Muslim extremist influence. Pray for good and Godly government to come to this country.
  • Pray for the region of North Africa, for an end to the human smuggling that results in so many losing their lives.

Psalm 76 vs 8 – 9: “From the heavens you uttered judgement; the earth feared and was still when God rose up to establish judgement, to save all the oppressed of the earth.”


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