ISIL After One Year

June 29th was the first anniversary of the declaration of a caliphate across Syria and Iraq by the militant group known as Islamic State. The declaration came after the group took control of Mosul, Iraq’s second city, and then threatened Baghdad.

One year on, the Iraqi capital remains a dangerous and difficult place to live, and ISIL now control significant portions of Syria and Iraq.

At least 1.7 million Syrian refugees are hosted by Turkey, the highest figure recorded for Syrian refugees in the region [AFP]

ISIL has been a magnet to followers, despite their extreme violence and brutality. Many foreigners have been drawn by their power and authority, and, as a result, this group is no longer confined to just Syria and Iraq. Indeed, the recent attacks in Kuwait, France and Tunisia show that this group has a mission that extends well beyond the original borders.

Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has led his regime mercilessly, often targeting Christians and any other groups who will not convert to Islam and pledge allegiance to ISIL. He has even made the public proclamation that the Islamic State insists that this year’s Ramadan be marked by great bloodshed.

  • Pray for Iraq and Syria, where people are living under the threat and control of ISIL, and hundreds of thousands have been displaced or fled in fear of their lives. Pray for peace in these countries, and for a halt to ISIL ‘s power.
  • Pray for those lured into joining ISIL, that the eyes of their hearts will be opened and they will have encounters with Jesus that will change their hearts.
  • Pray for protection for Christians living in regions where ISIL holds power. Pray that the testimony of their faith will impact on those who want to harm them.
  • Give thanks that, even though their evil and terror seems to reign and appears unmatched, we know that God has ultimate power and can change even the hardest of hearts.

2 Corinthians 1 vs 10 – 11: “ He who rescued us from so deadly a peril will continue to rescue us; on him we have set our hope that he will rescue us again, as you also join in helping us by your prayers …”


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