3000 who watched the Magdalena film

Imagine running a daily show of the Jesus Film Magdalena movie for a month, and 90 different people turning up each day. This was what happened in this campaign. Nearly 3000 people chose to watch & finish the movie of their own free will! This online campaign targeted 4 countries in which we couldn’t hold a public show of the movie. It ended with people watching from more than 60 countries.

More than 1 million people in the 4 targeted countries were exposed to messages like this “love knocking on your heart’s door” & many similar messages about Jesus’ love. They then clicked to watch more or to connect with 1 of 7 social media groups according to their physical location. More than 74,000 were interested to watch parts of the movie in 2 Arabic dialects. There are more than 1million individuals who are aware of the movie & have been touched by a glimpse of His love.

More than 6000 People were connected to more than 7 social network pages. The unique aspect of this campaign was the devoted groups on each page who were committed to serve their people around them. Please remember all these dedicated people to continue to love their new friends. They don’t know each other but our father was connecting us together in one task to proclaim His love.

Pray for each of these people who have connected in some way through this campaign. Water the seed that has been planted through your prayers. And pray for the development of further such campaigns across these difficult countries.


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