New Restrictive Law Proposed in China

The Chinese government are considering a new law that will restrict non-profit groups from any activity considered by the government to be a threat to national security. This includes many Christian groups and human rights organisations.


Passage of the law would require foreign non-profit organisations to be sponsored by Chinese entities and give the government the power to regulate both the operation and funding of these organisations.

 Such power would give the government broad interpretation for revoking their operating status within China and, potentially, to charge NGO employees with threatening national security.
During this year’s Politburo session, the communist regime plan to include perceived threats to national security in the new law. However, by placing it within a law restricting charitable activity, the Chinese government could deem any humanitarian effort a threat if they disagree with the organisation’s political or religious ideology.
With the likelihood of the resolution being “rubber stamped” by the Politburo, it will place aid groups and Christian non-profit organisations, who provide support to over 110 million Chinese Christians, in a very dangerous position.
Since July of 2013, the communist government has forcibly removed over 1,700 church crosses  from church buildings, and hundreds of human rights and Christian activists have been imprisoned for, allegedly, subverting the state and its national security.
Hard-line President Xi Jinping has consistently shown hostility towards Christianity and human rights activists, where both are considered outside forces which threaten the power of the Communist Party.
  • Pray for the upcoming Politburo session to reject this new law and amendments that will seriously impact on the ability of Christian organisations to work in China.
  • Pray for President Xi Jinping, that he will come to know the truth of the Gospel of Jesus, and turn away from his hard-line stance against Christianity.
  • Pray for Chinese Christians as they face ongoing and increasing persecution.
  • Pray for the Church in China, as it is growing as a vast rate, for good resources for discipleship, and for training for leaders.

Proverbs 2 vs 7 – 8: ” … he is a shield to those who walk blamelessly, guarding the paths of justice and preserving the way of his faithful ones.


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