A North African Country

The campaign in this country continues with this news:

Here are some figures for the period from Dec 6 to Dec 9:

29 unique contacts

15 chats

16 calls

lots of missed calls.


Pray for:

– good & clear internet connection from that country.

– E who called inquiring who we are.

– Ib called & insisted to speak in English…. He did not know who we are but showed openness to go through the site & read the NT.

– An Egyptian living in Lib. He knows a lot about Christ & believes in him but wouldn’t dare share his faith or be known as His follower. …

– S keeps calling asking to meet girls….. May the Lord divert his point of focus

Some refuse to give their names so pray for them by their phone number ending:

– #672: very offensive & cursing chat but at the end he agreed that people are free & responsible to search, choose & accept in their hearts…..

– #180: very long chat but open discussion…. we got to the point that Jesus is God in flesh….. Pray he calls again.

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