A North African Country

There is a campaign at present reaching out to those in this North African Nation. Advertising has been used to point people to the opportunity to have someone pray for them in the name of Jesus. There is a number for them to call, using fiber, and people will then pray with them. This campaign will go on for one month.

Messages have been sent to individuals with whom they have had previous contact and that resulted in 16 unique contacts in the first instance. Some of those people are seeking help, some are wanting to challenge, others are defensive or looking for other needs to be met.

Pray for this North African nation for this month:

  • for good internet connections in the country to allow those calls to happen
  • for those who are answering calls to have wisdom and discernment and much anointing as they pray with people, and answer their questions
  • for those who are calling, to be drawn by God and have hearts prepared
  • for powerful answers to prayer that will demonstrate the greatness of God
  • for follow-up of those who are seeking
The message will be closed after 20 s