Afghanistan: elections

What is the future of this nation that has been wracked by war for so many years? Many fear that the election will be decided by a small group of warlords who are placed to be the king-makers. At the same time, others claim that these are the best protected elections in the modern history of the country.

Do any of the contenders have hands that are not in some way covered in blood? The many years of wars that have divided and redivided the country mean that all of the powerbrokers have in some way been involved in the troubles of the land. So who should be leader to succeed President Karzai.

Scripture reminds us that God is the one who places leaders in their position, and who brings them down. Dare we believe that, no matter what the process Afghanistan will face in these next days? We can be praying now for the man who will be elected, that he will have wisdom, be a man of integrity, a proponent of justice and discerning for the good of the nation.

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