Afghanistan: opposition to transition

As Afghanistan moves towards presidential elections the pressure inside the country is building. Recent incidents of violence remind us of the many conflicting agendas at work threatening stability and future development. It seems that the forces opposed to transition have identified those who stand for truth and righteousness, those who bear witness to the kingdom of God, and are targeting them.

The Taliban has claimed responsibilities for recent incidents of violence, attacks on foreigners, on election offices, on journalists. These acts appear to be about getting across their message that they can touch anyone anywhere, that no one is outside of their reach. These are acts of fear and intimidation, as well as violence and revenge.

How you can pray:

i) that the hand of evil would be stayed

ii) that God would reveal himself in dreams and visions to those who are orchestrating violence and bring them to faith

iii) that the people of Afghanistan might be protected from evil and begin to experience justice and righteousness


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