Afghanistan: Political instability

With Presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah withdrawing from the audit of votes in the presidential elections in Afghanistan, the country faces a new crisis. There have been grave concerns about what would happen once the election results were announced, expected to be any time in the next couple of weeks, but now the crisis may be different. Without the candidates finding a way to move forward, Afghanis are left with growing uncertainty and anger that may boil over.

The possible formation of a unity government in the country is now in doubt. There seem to be few options for moving forward. Without a national unity government, what sort of government could be formed that would enable the degree of stability that the country needs. While discussions have been going on, the way ahead seems less sure.

The implications of not forming a government are huge. Agreements between the government and international support agencies are pending. The vacuum is filled by forces who are able to exploit it for their own ends. Insecurity increases. Progress slips backwards.

Who should form the government? Let’s pray that God would bring about a resolution that would bring a sense of future and hope for the people of Afghanistan. Pray for a government that can lead the many tribal groups and factions to work together for security and development that meets the many great needs of Afghanistan.

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