Afghanistan: Tragic loss of life in mudslide

They say it happened so fast that people did not stand a chance, that is probably at least 2000 people who were buried under 10’s of feet of mud. A small landslide first brought people from a village across the river to help, but then they too lost their lives when a large slide buried the village and all those in it. Exactly how many died is not known, but one whole village was buried, who was home on that day is the unknown.

Aid agencies say that the humanitarian effort is minimal, because there were so few survivors. For those who did survive, this is now not just about where to rebuild their homes, it is about how to rebuild their lives. Multiple members of families are gone, and the loss so great that some cannot even begin to think about that loss.

In a country ravage by war, such a natural disaster is one more layer of pain, one more layer of loss, one more layer of death. This was a small village in the middle of nowhere really, so who will care. Who will care for those whose lives are blighted by the trauma and pain of this incident on top of every other incident?

Pray for these people, yes, just a few individuals left, but Lord God, can and meet with your people and show them your love, care, mercy and compassion. Seek God, who knows when even the sparrow falls.


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