Afghanistan: Why Prayer For The Nations Is Powerful

Three years ago the US Centre for World Mission began equipping thousands of churches in Latin America to pray for the Pashtun people. The Pashtun live in Afghanistan and, with over 30 million people, are on of the largest, least-reached people groups in the world.

A Christian radio ministry has been broadcasting for years to the Pashtun and were receiving about 60 responses to their programme each month.

“If you are wondering whether prayer really makes a difference, in this particular case, we have the proof,” says missionary David Taylor.

“As soon as thousands of churches in Latin America began praying for the Pashtun, this radio programme began receiving hundreds, and then thousands, of responses each month,” Taylor continued. “Like the Bible story of the disciples whose nets could not handle all the fish, this ministry is now asking for help from others to handle this unexpected interest in the Gospel!”

Some of the churches praying for the Pashtun are located in El Salvador. In one of these churches, a man was dying of HIV AIDS. “He decided to come to the Wednesday prayer meeting, which was focused on the Pashtun,” Taylor recounts.

“As he was praying for them he felt the Holy Spirit come upon him and move throughout his body. He felt as though he had been healed and the next day he went to the doctor to have his blood checked. When the nurse came back with the results she was beaming. His blood was completely clean of HIV.”

Taylor sees a valuable lesson for believers here. “When we bless the nations, God blesses us in return. This is the principle we see in Psalm 67: ‘May the peoples praise you O God, may all the peoples praise you! Then the land will yield its harvest, and God, our God will bless us.’”

  • Give thanks for the churches in Latin America who have heeded the call to pray for the Pashtun people, and for the amazing answers to prayer that are resulting amongst those people.
  • Give thanks for those amongst the Pashtun who are enquiring about the Gospel.
  • Pray for the radio station ministry, for the resources to cope with the growing numbers of enquiries, and for wisdom as they answer and talk to these Spiritually hungry people.
  • Pray for the ongoing radio ministry to the Pashtun people, that many more will hear the good new of the Gospel of Jesus and have a hunger to know His truth and grace.
  • Pray for those who become Christ Followers, for protection for them and their families, and for their witness amongst their families and communities to draw many more to follow Christ.
  •  Pray for the Holy Spirit to move across Afghanistan, for healing for this nation peace in the streets, and an end to the conflict and power struggles within the country.James 5 vs 16: “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

    Source: David Taylor, U.S. Centre for World Missions,


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