Algerian Church Blossoming Again

Centuries ago, the once blossoming Church almost vanished from North Africa. Centuries of Islamic domination passed by with almost no visible presence of the Church.

Almost nothing happened. Until now! The Church in North Africa has taken root again and is starting to grow, most notably in Algeria.

Mustapha Krim, pastor of one of the churches in the country and former president of the Protestant Church of Algeria (EPA), shares about the growth:

“The Church started out very small. In the beginning we saw very little growth, but then the growth became like a rolling snowball, growing bigger and bigger. Now, there are zeros at end of the growth numbers. For example, in my city of Bejaja we originally had 10 believers; now there are at least 500. It has been a privilege to see the birth of many more groups.”

He explains that the growth followed the persecution in the 1990’s, which prompted the start of Christian radio broadcasts, and later, the showing of the Jesus film.

“The media is the most important tool for bringing people to the Church. I give thanks to the Lord because every day new people are joining,” states Krim.

  • Give thanks for the growth of the Church in Algeria, and for the development of discipleship programmes specifically for the Algerian Church.
  • Give thanks for Christian radio and TV programmes that are accessible across North Africa. Pray for those who listen, that the Seeds of the Gospel will fall on fertile hearts that are open to receive Christ.
  • Pray for Christians in Algeria, who face growing opposition and oppression. Pray for a strengthening of faith and a deep knowledge of the love and faithfulness of their Heavenly Father.

Acts 16 vs 5: “So the churches were strengthened in the faith and increased in numbers daily.”




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