Azerbaijan: Armenians facing long term animosity

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a war broke out between the majority ethnic Armenians in Nagomo-Karabakh and the Republic of Azerbaijan. The protracted dispute saw more than 20,000 casualties, a million refugees and accusations of ethnic cleansing on both sides.

State-run media in Azerbaijan has fuelled strong anti-Armenian sentiments. But the hostility is reciprocal and there seems little hope for a thawing of relationships.

Some advocates of reconciliation continue to believe that genuine efforts will eventually bring hope. However, the failure of peace talks so far mean that many continue to call for ethnic confrontation and not reconciliation. And those advocating for reconciliation are often seen as traitors by both communities. There are doubts that any officials on either side genuinely want reconciliation.

Pray for these groups, the government, and those so deeply affected by the ongoing conflict and hatred. Pray for reconciliation and for God’s people to use this opportunity to ministers of reconciliation in these troubled communities.

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