Azerbaijan: small church

The praying hands Azerbaijani church in the republic of Azerbaijan is small and struggles with many issues of security, intimidation, and the tensions that come upon newly developing churches.

  • Pray for a growing and deepening unity that will serve to show other Azerbaijanis what the Body of Christ looks like in their midst and that will provide a strong foundation for the growth of the Azerbaijani Church.
  • Pray for the governments that rule over Azerbaijanis. Many of them do not allow free expression of Christianity, and, though some do constitutionally, it is becoming increasingly hard to be a practicing Christian.
  • Pray for the different countries where the Azerbaijanis are found, and where there are few, if any, national churches. Pray for Iran, Iraq, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, and for the Azerbaijanis found in Western countries, that they would find their place in the body of Christ and that those who know the Lord will find their place in ministry to their own people within the calling of God.
  • Pray for the ministries involved with outreach and encouragement to the Azerbaijani people all around the world.
  • Pray they will have the spiritual resources to live in faith amongst Azerbaijani people, to show the love of God to all around them and to be a light that shines for truth, love, and grace in their adopted nations.
  • Pray for the Azerbaijani believers and their desire to reach their own people in different countries.
  • Pray for strong, faithful churches to grow amongst Azerbaijanis wherever they are and for the grace and love of God to flow through those churches.
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