Bangladesh: Believers from Muslim Background

At around 4:30 A.M. on February 19th, a group of seven to eight Muslims raided a worship house in Bumkarchor, Lalmonirhat District, north Bangladesh. They tore the Bibles and hymnals inside, and also broke down the church’s signboard and the bicycle that belonged to the pastor.

The incident left 23 families, all Muslim Background Believers, without a place of worship. Their pastor, Badsha (36), had been kidnapped, beaten, and tortured with electric shocks in October 2, 2012.

The pastor believed that the same men were responsible for this recent attack on his church.

“The attackers wanted pastor Badsha to stop his Christian work,” said a local contact, who spoke with pastor Badsha after the attack. “The believers are anxious. We ask for your urgent prayers.”

Bangladesh is ranked #48 on our World Watch List of countries where Christians are persecuted the most. Click here to learn the specific ways in which you can be praying for this nation. And please continue to pray for this pastor and his church, as we know our God listens to our prayers!


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