Bangladesh: lack of resources for education

Bangladesh lacks sufficient numbers of schools and cultural institutions, even though facilities were increased substantially in the 1970s. Primary school education is free but at least one-third of all children are not enrolled in school. Of children enrolled in school, 70 percent reach the fifth grade.

Education is highly respected in Bangladesh. The first question people ask is, “What year of education did you obtain?” Almost all office jobs require a university degree. People who lack education have a hard time finding employment. Most people without a primary education are day laborers or rickshaw pullers. Parents will work very hard to get their children the best education they can afford. Tutoring is necessary at all levels in Bangladesh to pass tests due to overcrowding of classrooms and poor teacher standards. However, tutoring is expensive and poor people cannot afford it.

Pray for interventions that will broaden the base of education across the country, and particularly for the quality of education. Pray for Christians to support education in this nation, in spite of the challenges that the dominant religion creates.

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