Bedouins in the Middle East

The lengthening shadows of the evening heralded the beginning of the communal gathering. Women were busy preparing the evening meal of rice and meat. The lady of the house stirred a huge pot of rice, while her friend turned the skewers of meat on the adjacent stove. Other women sat on the colorful mats and shared the stories of the day, while the children played on the floor. In the adjoining part of the tent, the men assembled around a hearth. The host gave them tea as he invited them to sit on the elaborate rugs. Sipping cups of piping hot tea, they exchanged news of trade and their animals. Soon the tempting aroma of the meal the women had prepared wafted into their part of the tent. And it was time to eat their meal.

It is believed that one-tenth of the Middle East is made up of Bedouins. Bedouins led a nomadic lifestyle, travelling from one place to the next as the weather dictates. They tend to camels, sheep, goats, and cattle. Today, Bedouins face tremendous challenges. Their traditional tribal culture is often mixed with modern practices. While the men adjust well to these changes, women tend to remain within the bounds of tradition. This has become a great impediment to advancement.

According to Joshua Project, “Unemployment… is very high, and few obtain a high school degree (4%), and even fewer graduate from college (0.6%).” Compounding to their economic struggles is the fact that the Bedouins remain an unreached people group. The Prophet Mohammed was born and raised in a Bedouin tribe; and the first converts to Islam came from the Bedouins. It is safe to say that Islam forms the very fabric of Bedouin culture. However, there is Christian literature available in their language, and there are small groups of Christian Believers among the Bedouins.

Pray for the Gospel to penetrate this people group that remains largely unreached (The Bible, John 10:16).

Pray that the Bedouins of Saudi Arabia will come in contact with Christian Believers who will share the love of Jesus Christ with them (The Bible, Matthew 9:37-38).

Pray that every Saudi will experience the love of God in Christ Jesus (The Bible, Romans 5:8).


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