Bible college to host conference targeting pornography

A Bible college in Northern Ireland has organized an event to be held on Oct. 20 called The P Word Conference which will target the issue of pornography, as the organizers believe that this type of addiction is detrimental to society.

The P Word Conference is a joint effort between members of the Christian group CARE and the Naked Truth Project. The gathering will be held on Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Belfast Bible College in Dunmurry, The Belfast Telegraph detailed.

Tim Houston, CARE’s churches development officer for Northern Ireland, highlighted the importance of addressing pornography addiction, which is said to be harmful to relationships, the brain, and the whole society. He noted that pornographic content has been made more accessible and addictive nowadays, and the conference will tackle ways to address the problem.

“This is another issue that we will not only speak out on, but partner with church leaders to equip them to talk about why we should tackle pornography addiction and pastor people through it,” Houston said. “P Word resources the church to understand the social costs of pornography and gives leaders the tools needed to address the issue back in their churches and communities, leading to long term, positive change.”

Church leaders and experts attending The P Word Conference will talk about how pornography is harming their individual congregations. Organizers will also set up a space, with the help of the 24-7 Prayer movement, for people who want to pray for those addicted to pornography.

In a blog entry in March last year, Desiring God outlined several things a person should do after committing the sin of sexual impurity through pornography indulgence. The article encouraged people to know that Satan is the one who is at work and the one rejoicing when a person plunges into this addiction, so they should fight the urge and instead combat the devil’s manipulation.

In addition, a person who has fallen into pornography addiction ought to confess the sin to a friend who will pray for his or her healing. After the moment of clarity comes, one should remember the Apostle Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 10:6, which said some things happen “that we might not desire evil as they did.” Lastly, the article reminded readers that God loves them so much and that He will not abandon them even if Satan repeatedly attempts to deceive them.


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