Bringing Hope to a Widow

Gulika’s life drastically changed the day her husband died, after being run over by a train whilst crossing hte tracks. Although she and Manan were not well off, Manan worked faithfully as a tailor, and they managed to have just enough to live on. Now Gulika and her children were left helpless, and they took on the burden of deep, unforgettable sorrow.

Through a Widow’s Tears

Bearing the title “widow” was a heavy weight to carry too.  The villagers believed Gulika was cursed , and were even afraid that if she passed them on the street, she would bring them bad luck. The sharp, condemning words of the villagers stung Gulika’s already broken heart, and the shame and rejection, on top of the reality of her husband’s death, grew unbearable. Gulika soon fell into deep emotional despair.

However, despite all this, she still had  duties to uphold as a daughter-in-law, including fetching water for the family. Unfortunately, the nearest source of water in the village was an old well that was long walk from her home.

In Gulika’s village, collecting water was a gruelling chore and one which involved much fear and danger for women and young girls. Even as a widow, it was dangerous to go out alone because men would take advantage of their vulnerability.

When Pastor Gobhil heard about Gulika and her family, he visited their home, hoping to bring them comfort and encourage them through God’s Word. He told them there was hope for their helpless situation and shared about a faithful God who could heal Gulika’s suffering heart.

Over the course of time Gulika, was completely restored! Through the power and love they experienced in Christ, Gulika and her in-laws found hope in the midst of their sorrows.

Pastor Gobhil encouraged Gulika to start sewing women’s clothing, and Gulika began to earn a respectable living. Despite the way the villagers treated her, she knew God did not condemn her but rather valued her life.

But even with her new income and life in Christ, Gulika still faced harassment from her neighbours, especially when she went out to fetch water for the family.

Eventually, Gospel for Asia drilled a Jesus Well right in front of Gulika’s house, and now when people use the Jesus Well, she shares with the villagers about the sweet love of Jesus and how He has given her hope and security.

  • Give thanks for Gospel for Asia’s work in S.E Asia, especially bringing hope to those in despair, and providing clean water and income to many remote villages.
  • Give thanks for women like Gulika, who share their faith and hope with their communities without fear. Pray for a harvest of righteousness across SE Asia, as many come to know the saving grace and love of Christ.
  • Pray for protection for local missionaries and pastors in SE Asia, as many face oppression and harassment for their work.

Matthew 9 vs 37-38: “Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few;  therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest.”


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