Business as Mission and Human trafficking

Human trafficking is slavery. More people are bought and sold and held in captivity today than were shipped over the Atlantic Ocean during the slave trade era (eventually brought to an end by William Wilberforce and others). Report after report from the United Nations, the U.S. State department, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), and others show that unemployment makes people vulnerable and creates high-risk areas for trafficking. Adequate prevention must include job creation through wholesome, intentional business development focused on these people and areas.
From the perspective of BAM, a summary of trafficking in terms of its partial cause and cure, and a calling to be a positive change agent, might be as follows:

Cause: unemployment and/or insufficient income, with no prospect of jobs at home.

Cure: real training and job creation through viable, sustainable, and profitable BAM businesses.

Calling: God calls and equips people to develop BAM businesses specifically to address this issue.
BAM faces the question, “Out of trafficking (most often for the sex industry)…into what?” It recognizes that without jobs in healthy environments, there can be no restoration and holistic transformation of individuals. BAM seeks to restore the human dignity of victims, uphold human rights, and make an effective contribution to combat human trafficking.


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