Business as mission

The bottom line for business as mission is the greater glory of God. When people hear the phrase “glorifying God,” it probably first implies worship – singing praise to God and giving thanks to him. Then it might suggest evangelism – glorifying God by telling others about him. It might even suggest giving – glorifying God by contributing money to evangelism, to building up the church and to the needs of the poor. Or it might suggest moral living – acting in a way that honours God. Finally, [it] might suggest a life of faith – depending on God in prayer and in our daily attitudes of heart. These five…are certainly appropriate ways to glorify God.” Business can glorify God both directly and indirectly

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Business as mission is an act of co-creation in imitation of God and hence a response to the Creation Mandate. It is Good News in itself and hence an inseparable part of the Great Commission. Kingdom building is about wealth generation and spiritual transformation. As such Business as mission should be viewed not only within the narrow church-mission-business perspective but also within the wider macro perspective of sustainable transformational development consisting of abundance, empowerment, character and service in which people break loose from the shackles of a world bound by abject poverty.



There is also a devastating link between lack of jobs and a variety of social ills. Human trafficking stands out as one of the most heinous. Trafficking is the term used for modern-day slavery and describes the act of the enslavement of a man, woman or child. Traffickers use force, fraud or coercion to hold their victims against their will. Women and children are often trafficked being forced into prostitution. A root cause of trafficking is unemployment. Christians in business can and must address this.


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Economics is a fundamental sphere in the process of social development and without it human existence could not be feasible. From a scriptural perspective, human life should be orientated by specific values, the values of the kingdom of God. Therefore, any aspect of social life must be evaluated in the light of such criteria.

Pray today for:

  • Kingdom businesses to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom of God in their lived values
  • Kingdom businesses that tackle the roots of economic injustices, and know God’s favour and protection as they do
  • Kingdom businesses to break through hindrances and barriers as they operate in challenging environments that often mock God’s values


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