Mongolia: Urban poor

Despite rapid economic growth, Mongolia is facing a new crisis among the urban poor. With rapid urbanisation, but poor use of resources by the government, the poor are being marginalised in their society.

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Mongolia: Nomadic Church

Nomadic people in Mongolia are being given the opportunity to follow Jesus because seminary students in Mongolia are being encouraged and equipped to reach out to them.

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Mongolia: breaking spiritual barriers

Mongolia is tucked between China and Russia. Claiming to be direct descendants of Genghis Khan, the 2.5 million Khalka people are the largest Mongol group. In the past Khalkas have been firmly opposed to outside influences, but during the last

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The spiritual needs of Mongolia are evidence in the needs of society where abortion is an accepted means of birth control and alcoholism destroys lives.

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After the elections in Mongolia

Mongolia has just finished elections with the return of the President for a second term. In this next step to building the nation let’s not forget to pray.

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