Tibetan Buddhists

Tibet is one of the last nations on the earth to see a significant move of God. This is the result of many centuries of worshiping other gods from different religions, including Bönism and other forms of animism and shamanism.

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The Tibetans of Nepal

n March of 1959, 100,000 Tibetans fled from Tibet into Nepal, Bhutan, and India as a result of the Communist Chinese occupation. Today, thirty-five years later, many Tibetan refugees still live in these countries.

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What is enlightenment in Tibet?

Buddhism claims enlightenment, and yet many who pursue it find themselves caught in a web of lies and deceit that traps them in cycles of hopelessness and despair. Buddhist leaders consult with the spirit world and many Buddhists in Tibet

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Kham Tibetans

The Kham Tibetans have always been known as fierce warriors. They live along the border of the Tibetan plateau and have often been called upon to be royal guards. Although circumstances have changed, they still have a strong sense of

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