Prayer Requested for Moroccan Believer.

Christians in Morocco, along with Middle East Concern, are requesting prayer for Mohammed Saeed Zao, a Christian who survived an assassination attempt on the night of Friday, 4th November. Mohammed is well-known because of his promotion of the rights of

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Pray for Morocco’s Elections

Today, Friday, October 7th, Moroccans will take to the polls. This is an important time, as it can change the way the Christian church in Morocco is viewed and treated. An Open Doors country coordinator for Morocco shared, “In Morocco,

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The Good Shepherd in North Africa

Centuries before Islamic armies arrived and subjugated the population, North Africa was the vibrant homeland of Christianity. However, over time, Islamic sharia has slowly choked the existing Christian communities, leaving this region as one of the most concentrated Islamic populations in

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Gospel Seeds Sown in Morocco

The city of Melilla is located on the Mediterranean sea coast, officially on Moroccan Land, but ruled from Spain. This city is an open door for the Gospel, as well as being a way into North Africa, and, for a

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Child Migrants from Morocco.

Morocco – a country made romantic by movies and travel programmes, with gleaming sands, sparkling seas and ancient sandstone buildings. But this is a country of harsh reality, especially for its young people. Almost half of those under the age

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Morocco has a growing church, but continues to face state opposition to freedom of religion.

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Morocco: youth migration

Migration is a growing challenge, but a choice that a growing number of Moroccan youth are making, often by illegal means. And, the end of the rainbow is often pain of a different sort.

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