Thailand: the evil of the sex trade

Money, power, control – all elements of the sex trade in Thailand. Abuse, violence, dishonor – all part of that same trade. Deeply embedded in society it is an evil that must be challenged.

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Thailand: an uncertain future

2013 ended tumultuously for Thailand with elections being announced. The nation is troubled, but deeply rooted issues of justice, righteousness and marginalisation must be tackled.

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Elections in Thailand

Ongoing protests in Thailand have seen the government call fresh elections. The opposition remains divided about whether it should take part in them.

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Thailand is known as a holiday destination, a nation caught in the grip of a soul-destructive sex industry. It is a nation with desperate needs for the Church to reach out.

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Thailand: land of the free

Thailand is a place of little true joy. There are more than 250,000 Buddhist monks serving in over 30,000 temples. Buddhism is not only the largest faith, it is part of Thai national identity, permeating every level of society and

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The Pattani Malay of Thailand

Unlike the majority of the population of Thailand, who are Buddhist, the Pattani are Muslim. They closely adhere to Islamic law, or sharia, which is taught in the traditional Islamic schools, called pondoks.

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Understanding the needs of Thailand

Thailand is a complex country that has been resistant to the Gospel. This majority Buddhist nation of just over 67 million people has less than 1% Christians. It needs the light of Christ in the midst of its prevailing darkness.

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