Bible Society Gains Registration in Azerbaijan.

After a 20-year fight, the recent registration of a Bible Society in Azerbaijan has brought fresh optimism to the country’s minority Christians. There does, however, remain some confusion over the types of books it will be allowed to print, with

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Pray for Azerbaijan, at a Political Crossroads.

Last Monday, 24th July, Azerbaijan’s highest court approved an initiative by President Ilham Aliyev to extend the his term of office to seven years from five, a step his critics see as illegal and undemocratic. Ratifying this extension to the

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Azerbaijan lacks religious freedom, forcing the Church into a dance for survival.

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Azerbaijan: small church

Azerbaijan has a small but significant church in certain areas of the country, particularly the larger cities. It lives with the pressures of being a very small minority.

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Azerbaijan: the church

Azerbaijan is a small nation where the church is less than 0.1% of the population. How would God reveal himself in that nation?

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Muslims in Ramadan 19

Azerbaijan is a challenging country and Christians there face opposition. Pray against the strongholds that bring discrimination and stand against the truth of the gospel.

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