HIV in Kyrgyzstan

While the overall rate of HIV in Kyrgyzstan is low, it is rising, and the country is now among the top seven countries in the world for rapidly increasing HIV rates.

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Unrest in Kyrgyzstan raises the spectre of instability as the government reacts rather than responds to the cries of the people.

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Bride Kidnapping: What’s the value of a woman?

Although bride kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan has primarily happened in the countryside, the illegal activity is taking place in Bishkek as well. As rural migrants flood into the city, young men too poor to afford the pageantry of a traditional wedding

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The risks for Central Asia after the Afghan Pullout

The anticipated pullout of troops from Afghanistan will have a significant, even severe, political, social, economic and religious impact on Central Asia. The return of those who have fought alongside the Taliban, the expected increase in the flow of drugs

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Living on the margins: Homelessness in Bishkek

A 2011 study on homeless people in Bishkek introduced ins report in this sobering way: “In spite of being a small city with less than a million population, the number of homeless people in Bishkek exceeds 3500 and according to

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