Pray for MBB arrested in Tajikistan

Brother Sahat*, a Muslim Background Believer (MBB) from a Tajik church, was arrested during an outreach. As he was walking on the street he met a man, a stranger who began to speak to him. Sahat shared the gospel with

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Tajikistan 20 Year Old Peace Agreement “Unravelling”

A nearly two-decade-old peace agreement that ended Tajikistan’s civil war is quickly unravelling and threatening to plunge Central Asia’s poorest country back into violence, a new report warns.   A ban by the government of hard-line President Emomali Rahmon on

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Pray for Tajik Christian Family

Open Doors International have asked for prayer for Said Aka (not is real name), an elder in a church in a village in Tajikistan. For the last ten years, Said Aka has allowed other Christians in the village to gather

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Tajikistan Bans Children from Church

The Tajik government has had restrictive “Religion and Parental Responsibility Laws” in place since 2011, under which children are not to be taught religion nor be involved with religious activity. Since then, most of the activity in implementing this law

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Tajiks in Tajikistan

Tajiks are one of the people groups of Tajikistan. They are largely unreached and have little understanding of Christianity.

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