Changes in Egypt

With the world’s eyes on Egypt all this last week, and with some further deaths reported today, the WEA appeals for urgent prayer. Egypt is both, an ancient civilization with millennia of extraordinary history, and a modern nation whose population displays an extensive amount of skill and entrepreneurial energy. But it is also a very fledgling democracy.

The WEA encourages Christians to pray: for unity, for peace and stability, for justice for all, for wisdom and skill for fledgling democratic institutions, and for a smooth return to civilian rule.

WEA had been receiving reports about the increasing despair of more and more of Egypt’s population under President Morsi’s government. Human rights and freedom of religion have been under attack. The economy has been deteriorating.

The Brotherhood made many promises before the election, but because many of those promises have been broken, a high percentage of those who voted for them are unlikely to do so again. Therefore it is important to note that as a matter of fact, the military intervention is perceived differently within Egypt than it is by many outside.

As we pray earnestly for peace on the streets, and for all those bereaved by the violence of recent days, WEA also passes on the following perception just received from Egyptian Christians, to further inform the prayers of the global Church:

“The military had said that it would offer a “road map” for peace if Islamist President Morsi and his opponents failed to heed the will of the people – assuring everybody that the army does not aspire to rule and will not overstep its prescribed role. The military statement’s purpose was to push all parties to find a quick solution to the current crisis.

The military “road map” for peace was prepared by various political forces and representatives of the Church and Al Azhar as well as youth and women. We as church leaders, hope to have a future role contributing to National reconciliation that builds on this road map.”

And, as we pray for the nation, please pray for the region as a whole – especially for the appalling and violent situation in Syria. What happens in Egypt, the largest nation in the Middle East, has significant influence in the whole region as well.

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