Children in the Middle East

Hoda is a gypsy girl living in the South of Lebanon. Her parents cannot afford to place her in an official school, so she is participating in a literacy program at a center being managed by believers. One day during class, the children were talking about their families. Hoda explained that her eldest sister and her family are living with them. This sister is pregnant, but does not want the baby and continually says that she wants to kill the baby. Hoda’s teacher was shocked because in general Lebanese people love children and having big families. She asked Hoda the reason for this and Hoda explained that her sister already has many children, she doesn’t feel she can financially and emotionally care for another baby. She is simply overwhelmed.

Her teacher immediately explained to the class that God is the creator, that He made this little baby and that He loves children. She also explained that if the mother continues to reject and hate the baby that the baby will be born with a sense of abandonment and rejection, having troubles for the rest of her life because of this.

Hoda was really touched by this truth; she went home that afternoon and explained this truth to her sister that they should talk to the baby, love the baby and accept this baby as a gift from God. The next day Hoda returned to class, excited to tell everyone that her sister has changed her mind! She decided to keep and love the baby and no longer reject this gift.

This is just one of the many stories we have heard of the amazing influence that children can have on their families.

CryOut to the Father:

  • That God will use these types of centers and teachers to positively influence children.
  • That God will continue to reveal Himself to children and to the next generation that will shape the future of Lebanon (Matt 11:25).
  • For children who are being born into extreme poverty, being forced to beg for survival, many being abused and drawn into drug trafficking or prostitution, with some joining gangs or rebel armies and terrorist groups. Please pray for Godly interventions and solutions, that our children and the hope of future generations, will remain in His hands (Lamentations 2:19)
  • For more workers, passionate for children and reaching Children in the Middle East. (Mark 9:37).
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