China Set to Become the World’s Largest Christian Population

According to Religious scholar Rodney Pennington from OMF International, by 2030, China will have the world’s largest Christian population.

Christianity growing in China

In a recent interview with Christian Post, Pennington said that there is certainly an upsurge in growth of the Christian population in China, stating: “We are overjoyed with what the Lord has already done in China. But that doesn’t mean the task is finished.”

“China will almost certainly have the most evangelical Christians, and that will greatly shape the global evangelical Church in the coming years,” he continued. “While 200 million Chinese believers by the year 2030 may seem ambitious, it certainly gives us a strong goal to pray toward.”

However, despite the rapid growth, the Church in China continues to face strong opposition from the Communist regime there, who have been targeting Christians and demolishing churches since 2014.

Churches are considered “illegal,” and so far, more than 200 churches have been demolished, while over 2,000 crosses have been taken down from church buildings in Zhejiang province, in a drive to curtail the Church’s influence in the region.

A Chinese Christian and democracy campaigner, Yu Jie, recently wrote in an essay that Chinese Christians are known to say “the greater the persecution, the greater the revival.”

He explained that, in the light of recent report, the level of Christian persecution has risen alarmingly. However, in response to this rise, the Church’s revival across China has been, as he says, like a “gushing well or geyser.”

  • Give thanks for the huge growth of the Church in China, and for many open hearts to the Gospel in this nation.
  • Pray for the spread of the Gospel into the many regions of China that are still unreached.
  • Pray for Christians in China, many of whom face ostracism from their families and loss of jobs. Pray for courage to share their faith, and for access to Bibles and discipleship material in their own language.
  • Pray for Christian workers in China, who are also facing a government crack down and difficulties in obtaining visas. Pray for continued open doors for the Gospel into this country.
  • Pray for a hunger in the hearts of Government officials to know God and for many to come to faith in Jesus Christ as they realise the truth of His Gospel.

Acts 16 vs 5: “So the churches were strengthened in the faith and increased in numbers daily.”


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