Chinese Christian and Burma’s border regions conflict

The government in Myanmar is locked in a struggle with minority ethnic groups on its borders with China. The state of Kachin is economic rich and much of the economic future of the country is found in this region. The struggle has left many civilians displaced within their own country and without access to basic necessities.

Mr Zhang Shengqi is a Chinese Christian ‘taking’ food and clothing across the border to help these refugees and share the greater love of his heart with them. He operates in a blurred space created by the conflicting tensions in the relationship between China and Myanmar. The role played Mr Zhang is vital as neither government is meeting the needs of the refugees, and aid organisations are not allowed to work in the region.

Another Chinese Christian has been reaching out advising refugees on a range of human rights issues.

Pray for Christians from China who are reaching out across the borders, for their protection, fruitfulness in ministry, love in their hearts and resources that they need.

God is at work, let’s rejoice in what he is doing and stand with the Church as it participates in what God is doing.

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