Christians imprisoned in Iran

Iranian Christians continue to request our persistent intercession for those detained for their faith or Christian activities in Iran.
We regret to report that Saeed, imprisoned since September 2012 and serving an eight year prison sentence, was transferred from Evin prison in Tehran to Rajaei Shahr prison in Gohardasht, near Karaj, on 3rd November. This prison is notorious for housing violent criminals and for its poor conditions. Earlier this week Saeed’s father visited the prison to deliver blankets and prescribed medication. However, the father was informed that Saeed was not allowed any personal possessions. The denial of medication, together with the harsh conditions, have heightened concern about Saeed’s health.
There are also continuing concerns for the health of pastor Behnam, detained since May 2011 in Ghezel Hesar prison, also near Karaj.
Across Iran, at least 40 others remain detained because of their faith in Jesus and/or their Christian activities.
Iranian Christians supporting these believers request our continuing prayer, asking that:
a.  Saeed and Behnam will know the healing and sustaining touch of Jesus each day, and that due medical attention will be provided
b.  Each of those detained for their faith will know the presence and peace of Jesus, be clear in their testimony, and be released soon
c.  All officials involved will love mercy, act justly, learn about Jesus and choose to follow Him

Source: Middle East Concern

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