Christians in Afghanistan

“When Satan fell to earth, he fell in Kabul.”

This saying is sadly heard all too often in Afghanistan.

Life in war-torn Afghanistan is hell on earth for many of its citizens. And for Christians, it’s even worse…

All Afghan Christians come from a Muslim background. If it becomes known that someone has converted to Christianity, he or she will face discrimination, hostility and severe persecution from their family, friends, community, local authorities and Muslim leaders. Due to this severe persecution, not a single official church remains in Afghanistan.

Secret believers in Afghanistan are asking Christians worldwide to join them in prayer for their country. Here are their top five prayer requests:

1. The Christians in Afghanistan form a small church. Many are not part of a network of Christians. They feel isolated, and often do not know who to trust. Pray that the underground church is able to unite and to grow.

2. Christians are extremely vulnerable. Their families feel obliged to save the family honor by forcing them to reconvert. If that does not happen, Christians can be disowned, banished, abused, kidnapped or even killed. The authorities and extremist groups form another threat to the lives of Christians.

3. In 2014, the American troops will pull out of the country. There are many scenarios of what could happen. Extremists could seize power, or the government could work together with these extremist groups. Unless God intervenes, freedom of religion does not seem probable.

4. Thank God for the many Afghans who listen to Christian radio stations or download Christian materials from the internet. Some are genuine (but isolated) believers, others are disappointed in Islam and want to know more about Jesus Christ.

5. Every year, Christians lose their life for their faith. Often, these cases go unreported, but the pain and trauma of those who are left behind are immense. Pray that God heals the families of martyrs and makes them strong so they can endure in these difficult times.


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