City of life or death: Karachi

At the beginning of 1996, ‘Herald’ magazine produced a pull-out map of Karachi (Pakistan’s largest city) showing where the 2.095 killings had taken place during the previous year. The map was entitled, ‘City of Death’. Karachi has a reputation for instability and violence. People are not surprised when lawlessness erupts in Karachi. September 10, 2012, the Daily Times newspaper, quoting for a human rights report said: Two hundred and twenty-seven political activists were murdered in targeted killings that took place in Karachi in the first eight months of current year, said a report of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP). The report entitled ‘Killings in Karachi – January to August 2012’ said overall 1,725 people were killed in Karachi during these eight months. Of them 1,345 people were murdered in target killings, 146 killed in action related to the personnel of law enforcement agencies (LEAs), while 78 children and 107 women were also killed in the city. Forty-nine people were killed in other mishaps. The report, based on newspaper reports, said 1,345 people were target killed in the city from January to August. Thirty-four people were murdered in sectarian killings, 226 abducted and killed, 493 non-political people and 227 political activists were murdered, two persons burnt to death, 52 people killed by robbers, 137 killed over enmity, 47 dead bodies found, seven security guards murdered, five people killed in prison, 11 killed in bomb blasts, 93 killed in Lyari gang war and 11 killed over karo-kari.

Karachi has been a home, or refuge, for terrorists. Some international terrorist plots have had their origin in Karachi. Terrorists from other countries have visited Pakistan to meet key contacts or receive specific training.

In 2005, a survey of 127 major cities in the world gave a ranking of the best and worst places to live. Karachi came 4th from the bottom of the list, making it one of the worst places to live.

Karachi is a strategic city in Pakistan. It should not be knows as a ‘city of death’ but should be known as a ‘city of life’.

John 10:10 ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’

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