Convicted to die: Supporters of former President Morsi

528 supporters of former President Morsi have been given the death sentence by a court in Egypt, with others still facing charges and possible sentencing. This story is not a quest for right or wrong, but the fact that 528 people who have no knowledge of God and any hope for their future are facing death. We are not judging their deeds, or the ruling of the court. Our cry to God is for mercy for those who are without God and without hope.

In a world that is polarized, and where religious fundamentalisms exacerbate that divide, Jesus looks at the crowd and his heart is moved with compassion, his heart breaks, because they are like sheep without a shepherd.

Dare we believe that God would have mercy on those who may have acted with brutality against others? Can we ask God to remember mercy and look with compassion on those who face eternity without him.

Cry out for those who have received this sentence, and for their families, that God in his mercy would reveal himself and many would receive his life, whatever the outcomes of this judgment.

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