Coptic Christian Denied Promotion.

According to World Watch Monitor, an Egyptian teacher has not been awarded a promotion “because she’s a Christian.”

The Beni Mazar school girls protested against the Christian teacher

Mervat Sefein, a teacher in Beni Mazar, 220 km south of Cairo, was included in an Egyptian Ministry of Education (MoE) promotion directive on February 8th this year, but has not been able to take up her new position due to “student protests.”

All the other candidates named in the MoE directive have already started working in their new senior school posts.

Since 2011, the Coptic teacher has been working as a deputy principle  in Beni Mazar Boys Vocational School, but under the new directive, she was to move on to be the principle of the town’s girls school.

However, when word spread that the Christian teacher was going to be principle, the girls started protesting, demanding that their current, Muslim, principle remain in the position.

According to Christian news sources, including Coptic news site Watani, police were called in amid shouts of, “We don’t want the Christian teacher!”, suggesting that the girls were incited to protest by “some with a vested interest in keeping the situation as it is.”

Through a compromise brokered by the education authorities, Sefein was to be promoted at her current boys’ school, but the same scenario of protests was repeated, this time by the boys.

The Ministry of Education has denied this has anything to do with ‘sectarianism.’

  • Pray for Christians in Egypt, who are facing increasing hostility and opposition to their faith. Pray for their protection and protection for their jobs, homes and  families.
  • Pray for the Egyptian Government, who has promised freedom of belief for all people, to make good this promise and protect the Coptic communities.
  • Pray for Egypt, as it grapples with growing Islamic fundamentalism and ISIL hostilities. Pray for  move of the Holy Spirit across this nation, that many will encounter Jesus Christ and His truth.

John 16 vs 33: “I have said this to you, so that in me you may have peace. In the world you face persecution. But take courage; I have conquered the world!’”


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