Creative ministries for growing believers in Afghanistan

Pamir Productions

Pamir Productions is a media ministry focused on Afghans, primarily in Afghanistan. Our vision: to see Afghans follow Jesus Christ and develop healthy accessible fellowships in Afghanistan and around the world.

Led primarily by Afghans, the Pamir Ministries team produces daily radio programs and weekly TV programs.  We also translate Scripture, produce literature, Video and Audio products, Apps and publish and disciple in Social media.

Listeners and viewers contact our call-centres every day in response to the broadcasts.  We counsel them on their faith journey. We disciple believers so they are trained and motivated to disciple other Afghans and become active participants in local bodies of believers.

We maintain websites for our media, which can be accessed at  For more information, visit

Global Heart Worship

Global Heart Worship is a ministry created to carry the message of Hope to Central Asia.  We empower indigenous believers to produce programs and dub films in the heart languages of several Eurasian nations.  We are confident that their message – from Eurasians to Eurasians – is vital for their local communities. Our latest production was twelve programs for the women of Turkmenistan, partnering with Gospel Wave Ministry who will distribute them by satellite television. We are also assisting with the dubbing of a new animated series of 39 Bible stories entitled Friends and Heroes as well as producing music videos and other Children’s programs with local believers.  Our website:

Kairos Media

Kairos Media Trust is a registered UK mission charity which specialises in training national believers to do dubbing and production work for Christian media. For over 12 years, Kairos workers have been involved in a variety of Central Asian media projects in 7 languages, including the widescale distribution of the children’s animation “Miracle Maker.”

Kairos is currently establishing a production centre in the region with the immediate aim of producing a series of children’s programmes in Kyrgyz and Central Asian Russian. The new production hub also does dubbing work in Turkmen, Kazakh and Russian.  For information:

Sabeel Media

Sabeel Media is a spiritually focused way of engaging all people through their mother tongue with the creativity of the scriptures through the media arts.  The scriptures are for everyone, not just Christians. We use …Creative art forms, Timeless stories, Relevant and accessible media, Core beliefs, and an Engaged artistic community.

We use a chronological approach (Luke 24:27); We plant and water seeds (Isaiah 55:10-11); We give our audiences a taste of who the Lord is (Psalm 34:8).

We distribute primarily through existing on-line free and low cost distribution channels such as Youtube, Vimeo, Myspace and Facebook.  Our video promo-

Some samples:

·      VIDEO SHORTS- Vignette from Solomon Story

·      AUDIO DRAMAS- Bedouin Arabic Bible Stories

·      POETRY-

·      ORIGINAL MUSIC- Psalms of David

·      MUSIC VIDEOS- Psalm of David 23

·      CULTURAL CONTENT- Intersection of faith and culture video shorts


OneHundredFold is a ministry of UFM Worldwide.  We seek to impact those with the least access to Scripture and knowledge of the Gospel through a number of initiatives.

We provide usability consulting to scores of ministries.  With 60% of all Internet use being on mobile devices it is critical that ministries retool for mobile, with mobile ready websites, appropriate mobile apps, and shareable media on Micro SD and Bluetooth.  We provide training, consulting, and are actively working on mobile ready projects.

With Telemensahe we are developing a cloud based phone delivery system that allows anyone to make a local call and hear a Gospel-focused message in a language that they know.  With our partners we plan to roll this out in several countries next year.

We are developing “micro servers” that can run a web server on a small device without connection to the internet. This allows sharing of media and training content in an unrestricted way without the concerns of online tracking and tracing.

Reach us at


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