Darfur: A cry for reconciliation

This year marks ten years since the start of the conflict in Darfur, western Sudan. According to figures released by the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in December 2012, Darfur still has humanitarian needs. There are approximately 3.5 million people receiving food aid, including some 1.4 million displaced people registered in camps. Many of these people have been living in camps for years.

Use this prayer for Darfur, written by a church leader from Sudan to pray for this war torn region of Sudan:

O God, we thank you for the region of Darfur and its different people groups.

Thank you that you are watching over the region of Darfur.

We pray for your protection and care, and for courage and boldness for those called to service in this region and in the wider nation of Sudan.

We pray that the leaders of Sudan and South Sudan will reach agreement on issues that threaten lasting peace, and that these agreements will be implemented quickly.

We pray for peace, reconciliation and healing, for good-neighbourly relations with South Sudan, and for forgiveness, unity and hope across the land.

This we ask in the matchless name of Jesus Christ.


Prayer from: http://www.tearfund.org/~/media/files/main%20site/prayer/a%20prayer%20guide%20for%20darfur%20sudan%202013%20(1).pdf

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