Deteriorating situation in Syria

Some 9.3 million people in Syria – or about 40% of the population – now need outside assistance, UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos has said.

This figure has risen by 2.5m from the 6.8m total the UN gave in September.

The Syria crisis “continues to deteriorate rapidly and inexorably”, Ms Amos told the UN Security Council.

More than half of those in need are people living in Syria displaced by conflict, a total of 6.5m, up from 4.25m internally displaced people in June.

The UN says the number of those needing help has risen by more than 30% from 6.8 million in September. Syria has a population of 23 million.

There are more than 2.5 million people in isolated or besieged areas of Syria, many of whom are living without adequate food or electricity or access to medical supplies.

Syrian refugees – main countries

  • 725,258 in Lebanon
  • 543,183 in Jordan (total persons of concern)
  • 506,551 in Turkey
  • 165,945 in Iraq
  • 125,631 in Egypt
  • 6.5 million others displaced inside Syria

( Source UNHCR/AFAD – Oct-Nov)

How long oh Lord? How long will these people live with such desperate need? How long will the evil of men be allowed to cause such suffering? Have mercy oh Lord! Have mercy! Pray for the people of Syria whose lives are impacted by the trauma of war each day.

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