Deteriorating situation in Syria

Have you been following the news update on Syria? In case you’re unaware, the Syrian government has been leading attacks against its own people in an attempt to keep the nation in a place of instability. Some of these attacks have been aimed at the rebel group, the Free Syrian Army, but 6000 Syrians, mostly civilians, have been killed by government officials in the past year. These shellings have escalated to a horrific degree, and over 700 people were killed in the last ten days alone! Statistics also show that around 70,000 Syrians are internally displaced because of attacks on their homes. Most agree that the nation is at war, and that this is merely the beginning.

This surge of bloodshed and instability has caught our attention as we feel called to pray for the nations and for our Christian brothers and sisters worldwide. Did you know that there are two million Christians in Syria? And hundreds of Christians have been killed during these past events! Fear is growing and Syrian church leaders have said they, “Fear ‘a mass genocide of Christians’ if Islamists take over in Syria, where Sunnis Muslims make up 74% of the country’s 22 million population.” Let’s lift up their weary arms with a wave of prayer support right now!

Prayer Points:
-As quoted in a recent news article, “Aid workers said that for Syria’s Christian community, prayers have been urged ‘that the Lord will be their rock, fortress and deliverer.‘ ” (Psalm 18) Lord we agree with their prayers right now and thank You that You are indeed a great and mighty deliverer! We declare that You are mighty to save all those who call upon Your name. Isaiah 64 says, “No eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.” Right now we ask for Your divine protection to cover our brothers and sisters in Syria. Return family members who have been kidnapped. Be a source of strength and hope to refugees.

Bind a spirit of fear & trauma: Father, we thank you for your peace that passes understanding and right now we apply that peace to the hearts of our Syrian friends. We come into agreement with your Holy Spirit and ask that all fear, trauma, anxiety, and anger would be bound in Jesus’ holy name. As the battle rages in the natural and in the spiritual, would you grant clarity and discernment to Your people so that they could be a living hope and a refuge to others.

Agree with God’s good plan for the nation of Syria: Lord, we come to you in faith and confidence and ask that Your will would be done in Syria. Thank you for the expression of Your Kingdom that is already in Syria. We ask for you to increase it! Thank you that no man and no people group is beyond your saving grace, Oh God who loves the Gentiles. We ask for the glory of Jesus to be revealed as many Muslims come to know Him as their savior. In His precious name, amen.


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