Deteriorating situation of Churches in Sudan

The situation for Christians in Sudan (the old North Sudan) is currently worsening since the pressure on Christians has been increasing. Last December, Khartoum state government managed to demolish a church in Khartoum. They came with more than 60 policemen and bulldozer, but all the assets are saved.

This week, they continued bulldozing a clinic and the area nearby the church that was bulldozed last month, 3 other churches were destroyed (one Presbyterian, one Evangelical Presbyterian, and one Catholic). The rationale, it is because “there are no Christians any more in the North – they have all moved to South Sudan.” This is certainly not true. It seems this is a new trend to oppress Christians and to eradicate the church from the North.

Christian workers have expressed concern about:

  • –  Blatant attacks against Christians in many ways
  • –  Sexual harassment for Christian women in the name of interrogation. A wife of a church planter is terrified about this
  • –  Christian schools will be closed in May 2013. This will lead to a big question about the future education for the children of workers
  • –  Some Egyptians being expelled as part of campaign against Christians.
  • –  Venue for gathering/meeting will not be approved

Pray for wisdom and favor for the church leaders as they try to meet with government officials regarding many incidents. Encouragement for believers as this is devastating for the local communities. Pray that all the attack and intimidation will stop!

Pray against the spirit of fear, every plan from the enemy will be thwarted in Jesus’ name.

Pray the Lord will keep His Egyptian workers who have been serving faithfully in North Sudan, they will be able to remain.

Pray every believer will be under the shadow of His wings. The Lord to provide all the needs of the children including their education.

Information from AFTA prayer alert: With permission

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