Developing local resources in literature: discipling the Church in Cambodia

How can the gospel sink deep roots into a country where a generation of Christian writers, thinkers and leaders and their books were wiped out in five short years? The rapidly growing Cambodian church needs culturally- relevant resources that will help equip leaders and disciple believers.

Fount of Wisdom is one organisation working to develop these resources. Since then, FoW has published more than 30 titles: from a Cambodian-authored commentary on Ephesians to a devotional of grace, a great need in a country stained by years of bloodshed.

But FoW’s vision is particularly to see indigenous writers and publishers equipped to serve the Cambodian church.  They are difficult to find since the Khmer Rouge killed most of the country’s educated citizens – and Christians – in the late 1970s.  But Cambodia’s now-flourishing church – there are 200,000 Christians in an estimated 200 small churches – and young population – 60% are under 20 years old – mean that there is great potential for Christian writers.

The Church needs to see indigenous ministries like Fount of Wisdom serving the local church and society on the one hand, while moving towards long-term sustainability and viability through book sales.

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