Disabled in Lebanon

Disabled people in Lebanon continue to be marginalised in terms of education and employment.

The lack of equal access to quality education has contributed to a situation where people with disabilities are often deprived of gaining basic knowledge and skills necessary to becoming full members of society. Under Lebanese Law, all children with disabilities have the right to attend regular schools.  The majority of children with disabilities are in special care institutions, and private schools have a policy of automatically eliminating students with disabilities.  There is a lack of professionals in schools trained specifically to teach the disabled. Only a handful of schools nationwide cater to pupils with special needs. Few schools allow entry to children with disabilities, but it’s up to the parents and the children to adapt to the curriculum.

The disabled are often taken advantage of, and are forced to work for longer hours for smaller salaries. Out of an estimated Lebanese population of 4.5 million, an estimated 10 percent have disabilities. Lebanon does have a few good institutions for disabled which we would like to support.

Pray for disabled people, for opportunities to work under good conditions. Pray that there will be job openings for trained people from our team in institutions.

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