Domestic Violence: Women being provided a ray of hope in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has adopted a law that criminalises domestic violence, usually targeting women and children.

Women are the main victims of domestic violence with “98 percent of physical violence committed by men against women”.¬†Saudi Arabia, which applies a strict version of Islamic law, imposes many restrictions on women, based on laws and traditions that empower male guardians.

The King Khalid Foundation in April launched an unprecedented campaign to raise awareness about violence against women. The campaign’s main poster, which featured a woman wearing a veil that showed one of her eyes blackened, was widely circulated on the Internet.¬†Underneath the picture, a caption read: “Some things can’t be covered – fighting women’s abuse together.”

One reason domestic violence is rampant in Saudi Arabia is because tribal traditions prevented women from reporting abuse for fear of social stigma.

Pray for the women of Saudi Arabia to find justice and hope, for the message of God’s love to find a way through this small change. Pray for those who are suffering, that God would visit them with love and compassion.

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