Education in Afghanistan

On the second level floor of a house in a small village in Afghanistan, young girls meet in secret to eagerly learn mathematics, language, and home education. For the past five years, Fatima has been trying to fill the educational void that has been left by 20 years of war. The Taliban made every attempt to shut down schools throughout the country and deny children, especially girls, a proper education. However, that did not stop women like Fatima from opening their homes and teaching these young girls.

Now that the veil of the Taliban has been lifted, women are once again free to be educated. Girls have returned to schools for the first time in many years. The literacy rate in Afghanistan is less than 15% and presently over 95% of the children do not attend school. Most schools do not have supplies, books, desks, or teachers. Schools are being set up in homes, businesses, abandoned storefronts, and even tents in an effort to begin the educational system that was in almost complete collapse just a few years ago.

As the new government begins to rebuild the country the demand for 27,000 teaching professionals will outstrip the nation’s 8 million school age children since most adults have not been educated themselves due to the long war with the Soviets.

Prayer Points
  • For the workers seeking to help educate the Afghan children that they might have wisdom and discernment in what theyteach.
  • For God to raise up more Christian workers to come and aid in the educational rebuilding.
  • For more provisions of supplies, books, and buildings.


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